10 Financial Lessons for a Richer Life

101612_PersonalFinance_01_leadThe basics are so simple that anyone can get the concepts down in less than a day — spend less than you earn, save and invest the rest.

Knowing what should be done and actually doing it, however, are two different things.Most people realize that spending more money than they have is a bad, bad thing. That still doesn’t keep millions of people from racking up credit-card debt.Here are 10 money lessons I wish I had known when I was 20 (I’m now 42 years old), which also have the power to change your life if you are able to embrace them.

10. Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

I knew this in my heart when I was younger. After all, who can’t hum the tune of the Beatles song Can’t Buy Me Love?But my head often countered it in real life. It took me several years of working in a large corporation making good money, but not enjoying my job, to finally get it through my head that money in itself does not make you happy, and the accumulation of money will do very little

The Sad State of Estate Planning: Why So Few Have a Will

88879703So you consider yourself a planner, do you? You may have your annual checkups booked through December, funds set aside for that European trip next summer, and a family calendar color-coded to the T.

But getting your estate plans settled? Not so much.

Tasks like creating a will or naming guardians have a tendency to fall off the to-do list for many of us — even the most organized. New survey results from Everplans confirm it: while 69 percent say they’ve seriously considered drafting a will, just 34 percent have actually done so.

More than 1 in 4 people who say they’re in charge of handling estate plans admit they’re not doing a good job of preparing for the unexpected. And among those not in charge, half feel it’d be a struggle to get all the necessary documents together.

Even fewer people are broaching the topic of eldercare arrangements; only one in four have a solid plan in place.

Despite this reluctance to take action, 87 percent of parents say it’s important to discuss estate matters with their children.

So what’s holding them back?

Turns out, it’s not necessarily because

re It’s a (Financial) Emergency 3 Ways to Tap a Rainy Day Fund

459464391Ah, the emergency fund.

That cushion of cash you’re so glad to have when your company announces it’s downsizing staff, or when your plumber tells you that the water stain on the ceiling is coming from a giant leak behind the walls.

These unexpected life “surprises” are the reason we at LearnVest advocate having one month of your take-home pay in a rainy day fund before tackling any other financial goals — including big ones like paying off a credit card.

Even better? Working your way up to six months of take-home pay — or nine months’ worth, if you’re self-employed.

But even if you’re hovering closer to the one-month-of-pay mark, consider yourself ahead of the pack: A 2015 Bankrate Money Pulse poll found that only 38 percent of respondents had enough savings to be able to cover even a small disaster, like an emergency room visit or a car repair.

And once you’ve joined the ranks of those who’ve reached their emergency savings fund goal, you hope, of course, that everything remains peachy enough to leave that rainy day stash untouched.

But if a disaster actually does happen,

What to Do Next if You Can’t Pay Uncle Sam

Tax season is typically accompanied with anxiety and stress. On top of the day-to-day operations of running your business, you must make time to collect all of the necessary documents needed to file your returns. For many business owners, receiving a tax bill can come as a huge shock. If you are already struggling with cash flow issues or are trying to find the funds your business needs to grow, a tax bill can push you into a state of panic. If a one-time payment is out of the question, you will be relieved to know that there are a number of options available to you. Consider the following steps you can take:

  • Contact the Taxpayer Advocacy Service

The Taxpayer Advocacy Service is an independent organization that works for the taxpayer by being their voice to the IRS. They serve as an advocate for both individuals and businesses that find themselves in challenging situations. Through their website, you can find detailed information about tax regulations and options. The easy to understand explanations can provide clarity to your questions. For more complex situations, it is possible to set up an in-person appointment.

  • Request a brief extension

In some cases, a little extra time is all

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Why Hire a Credit Card Debt Management Company

It is true that with credit card one gets an opportunity to buy anything instantly. It is more like an own bank. But unfortunately, we forget that nothing in this world come for free and even this lucrative financial support can turn into problem. But now you do not need to worry about credit card debts, as numerous credit card debt management programs are available. Decent credit card debt management programs consist of various effective measures that are incorporated in well-planned manner.

As a matter of fact, it not only clears your already existing debt but also offer valuable techniques. A debt settlement company works towards negotiating amount of debt with creditors. These companies devise monthly saving plans, based on total amount of debt borrower have. When a borrower saves enough, he or she can write check to clear the debt. In addition, the debt settlement Company charge an initial administration fee to set borrower’s account. Different debt settlement companies have various sets of standards and service fees.

Settlement of debt refers to relieve borrower’s debt for minimum possible amount. Credit repair is a tedious task but with methodical approach one can successfully correct inaccuracies. Creditors check credit history before they approve

How finance ministers could fall in love with carbon pricing

“Finance ministers are facing strong demand for public investments in education, security or transport — pricing CO2 turns out to be a suitable means of raising the revenues that are needed,” says Max Franks from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), lead-author of the study. “Finance ministers can put money into infrastructure that substantially and lastingly improves public welfare. This is something you can count in dollars. And along the way they save the climate, since pricing CO2 yields a strong incentive to reduce emissions. You could call it a double sustainability dividend.”

In our globalized world, taxing a firm’s capital assets is difficult

In contrast, it is difficult for governments to raise additional taxes on a firm’s capital assets or on labour. “In our globalized world, it has become relatively easy for capital — and in fact for whole companies — to relocate to another, low-tax country,” says co-author Ottmar Edenhofer, chief-economist of PIK. Payroll taxes, being the alternative, reduce consumption and can raise social issues. “We have been surprised how robust our results are,” adds Edenhofer. “No matter whether other countries are taxing emissions or if the fossil fuel market is dominated by a near-monopoly

Paul Mackenzie Debt Consultancy – Finding Solutions to Tricky Financial Situations

Your business may be struggling to remain viable because of customers who are constantly falling behind payments. What do you do in such a messy financial situation?

How a debt collection agency can help

While collecting debts from customers on your own may appear to be the only solution, the process can be frustrating and time consuming. One alternative that your business has, is to hire a debt collection agency. There are many benefits of this approach. Paul Mackenzie Debt is an organization that has helped many businesses and individuals get their finances in order by recovering their money from people who owe them.

Benefits of working with professional debt collectors

As much as the people or organizations owe you money, there are certain things you are not required to do by law in the process of recovering the cash. Going against governing laws may do more harm than good to your organization. The debtor may even sue you for the manner in which you were handling the situation.

Professionalism and fairness in debt collection

Working with professionals such as Paul Mackenzie Debt Consultancy, the entire process is well handled to reduce the chances of facing a possible lawsuit. These professionals know how to act smart,